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Suppose that you need second full functional Postfix instance on the same machine. You can edit ‘‘ file of course but this solution does not provide necessary┬áseparation level. This tutorial describes how to start second Postfix instance with separate ‘/var/spool/postfix‘ directory (queues, sockets, pids etc.).

In first step you need to create separate working directory for another server instance. Let’s copy:

/var/spool/postfix directory to /var/spool/postfix2,

/etc/postfix directory to /etc/postfix2.

Next create a copy of /usr/lib/systemd/system/postfix.service (with new name ‘postfix2.service’) and change following lines in ‘[Service]‘ section. Continue Reading

Hello again :). Today I would like to introduce two commands that may be used to flush Postfix queue (after network failure for example).

First of them is postsuper command. Use this syntax to re-queue all waiting mails.

# postsuper -r ALL

You can type individual mail ID instead of word ALL. Next flush all mail immediately.

# postqueue -f

Now the whole mail queue is processed again.


In many cases Postfix’s anvil module in not sufficient and we need something more intelligent and configurable. The popular issue is a limiting of incoming messages number from the specified domain. We will use a postfwd (Postfix Firewall Daemon). Let’s create a simple rule for this in /etc/postfix/ file.

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