Some days ago I experienced weird problem with my Enigmail in Icedove e-mail client. When I tried send signed or encrypted message I saw the following error message:

“GnuPG reported an error in the communication with gpg-agent (a component of GnuPG).”

Problem is caused by compatibility issues betwwen GnuPG and Enigmail plugin.

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This short article describe how to reset lost root password on Linux system. IMPORTANT: This method require physical access to the machine.

On GRUB screen select normal boot option:

1Press ‘e’ to edit selected option. You will see short GRUB code.


Search for the line starting with “linux /boot/vmlinuz…” or similar depending of Linux distribution. This is the place where kernel and rootfs is selected. Change ‘ro’ option to ‘rw’ and add: Continue Reading

There are known issue regarding AFP on FreeNAS. Sometimes AFP can’t start properly and it continuously restarts. You can see it in the log and web GUI console. How to deal with it? Simply log in using SSH to your FreeNAS machine and type the following command:

$ sudo pkill afp

If this is not effective try:

$ sudo pkill -9 afp

That commands kills all processes with string “afp” in process name. Now try turn on the service using FreeNAS GUI.